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Searching for Atlantis with ESP

April 14, 2021

This week we have a conversation that goes all sorts of places.  We begin talking about the possibility that Planet Earth is actually Atlantis and that this mythical place has been our home all along.  We then wonder if the media, academia, and Hollywood's representation of ESP has been misleading and if humans have always had this ability and been using it unknowingly.  The conversation also takes a few detours along the way and we discuss online trolls and dealing with them, constant distractions, the importance of relaxing and taking time for yourself, meditation, being ok with being alone, the different realities simultaneously taking place in the world right now, Star Wars and the extreme righteousness of good and evil, finding balance within ourselves, wanting to not live in absolutes, the power of the mind, people thinking themselves sick, defining what truth is, being open-minded and open to possibilities, wanting to be right, being ok with and admitting when you're wrong, rewatching Cabin in the Woods, and more!  


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